Longarm Quilting Service


1.    If your quilt top is directional specific, please identify the top of the quilt.

2.    Trim all the loose threads from the back of the quilt top as this may show through when quilted.

3.    Be sure that all seams are secure.  Check to make sure that no seams are loose.  If you have a pieced border, for best results, “stay stitch” ¼” around the edge of your quilt top,  this will help prevent the seams from separating while quilting.

4.    Be sure that your quilt top is square.  Measure the top, center and bottom of the quilt horizontally and vertically.  These measurements should be consistent therefore ensuring that the quilt is square.  If these measurements are not the same there is a possibility that this will cause puckers or tucks in your quilt, otherwise you will need to make the necessary alterations prior to quilting.

5.    Seams should be pressed in one direction to allow the quilt to lay as flat as possible.

6.    Quilt must be clean and void of any residue and/or embellishments.  Example:  Sequins, buttons, top stitching etc… as this may cause complications with the quilting machine.

7.    If you want curved corners wait until after the quilt has been quilted to cut them. Square corners are best to attach a quilt top to a longarm machine, it gives more consistent results.


1.    Make sure that your backing is square and at least 8” larger than your top.  Example:  If you quilt TOP is 30" x  40", the backing should be 38" x  48".  The longarm requires an extra 4” on each side to securely fasten the quilt backing to the machine.

2.    Identify IF the backing is directional specific.

3.    For a pieced backing, make sure you sew a 5/8” seam,  press it open therefore allowing the seams to lay extremely flat.

4.    If you require HURDuSEW to piece the backing for you, there will be a $10 service charge for each seam.  

5.    I do not provide backing, you must provide the backing that is suitable with your quilt top.

Rights of HURDuSEW Longarm Quilting

We reserve the right to return your quilt top without providing any services if we feel it has not been properly prepared therefore the results would not be pleasing to us and/or to you.   Example:  If quilt is out of square, weak seams which might pull apart, if using certain textiles they might not be compatible with our quilting machine etc… I will discuss possible solutions / modifications.